Shop Our Front Overhead TV

Tired of your old heavy TV squeaking and rattling above your head? Or maybe you're afraid it will fall out someday and do some damage or worse yet, knock you out! We can take care of your problem. We can custom fit any brand of 26" to 32" TV into the existing cabinet and we can match your wood color and decor in the process.

As we all know, RVs are limited in storage space. We can build your front TV into a door to allow access to the cabinet for storage. We use heavy duty hinges and a cabinet lock to secure the door to keep it from opening while traveling. Mounting the TV in a door will make you use a small TV, but the space gained may very well be worth the cost.

If you are looking to buy a front overhead tv, we would be more than happy to help you. You won't find it in our shop because they are created custom to fit your needs. So contact us today and we will quote out your particular job.