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Computer Desks

The computer desk has become a necessity for the RV lifestyle. Whether you work from your RV or just need a desk for organization or maybe you just need extra storage, we have got the answer for you. Our desks are custom built for whatever needs you may have. Tops are available in solid hardwood or beautiful, durable Corian and Granite. As you can see in the photos we have done extensive variations of the desk and we are only limited by your imagination. Tell us what you want and we'll make your dreams come true!


Our Classic Desk is built to fit around your existing freestanding table and will allow room for two chairs in front of it. It can be built to a custom width, depth and height. The standard layout is a file drawer and two regular drawers on the right side and a pullout laptop tray and adjustable rollout shelves on the left side. It can also be built with a finished back if you have the extended height windows.


The Modified Desk is similar to the Classic Desk with the exception of the center area. We removed one of the freestanding table legs and mounted the table on the drawer glides on top of the center cabinet. This gives you more storage space. Your table will still pull out far enough to use the leaf with it. It has the same features as the Classic Desk and can also be customized to your application.


Here is a Maple finished Executive Desk with Corian tops. Designed for office and computer work, it features a file drawer, a pullout shelf for printer storage, and a pullout laptop shelf for working convenience. Add in a few storage drawers and some adjustable shelves and you have a full fledged office desk that you can be proud of!


This is a cabinet that was built to replace a TV sitting on the countertop. We custom built the cabinet to fit in the existing space and matched the doors and hardware style. Since the coach had natural Cherry wood, the color of the new wood was lighter than the existing wood. This was a matter of waiting for the wood to darken, which happens naturally over a period of a few months.


This desk was built on an offset slide out. The owner wanted to be able to use a regular office chair with the desk but the offset prevented the chair from sitting level. So an extension platform was built and attached to the side front to allow for the chair to sit by the desk. The slide was then recarpeted to make it all look like one piece and finished out.


Here is another highly customized desk that has many features built into it. The customer wanted to replace a booth dinette with a functional desk to be able to work on the computer and store the printer and other desk items. So this desk was designed to accommodate all these things and more. it features a pullout pencil drawer, a flip up end counter top extension, adjustable shelves for storage, a custom printer drawer, and a huge file drawer. Also, with eliminating the booth dinette, the table was eliminated as well, so we installed a pullout table with a drop down leg. As can be seen in the photos below, each feature was built to match the customer's needs.